Pirates, Pirates ! Be Safe, Be Secure !

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Growing up watching pirates of the Caribbean was certainly fun, all the piracy, the raiding the stealing, no one wants to miss all that fun. But we grew into a certain age later on, and realized that piracy is over, and the last pirate maybe was hanged a century ago, right?

Maybe old days piracy is really gone, but don’t we all say that we “surf the net”?

True, the internet is the wide sea of our modern days, and hackers are the pirates.

The fun is still here, whether you are a black-hat hacker or a white-hat hacker, or you are just a normal person who uses internet, and we all do.

becoming Ethical hacker

In 2018, it is projected that more than half of the population on earth will be using internet [1].

That will be around 4 billion people, all connected via devices (phones, smart watches, computers  …) to this big sea, but is the internet we all dive into really secured?

As you might figure, the answer is no, taking a step back and counting how many Cyber-attacks occur daily on small or huge scales is one way to look at it, no one is secure, everyone is compromised, and it only gets worst from year to year, the number of attacks is increasing [2].

It does fall to some agencies worldwide to secure the virtual world, governments and organizations are rushing into making laws and corporations to fight against piracy, as they run to hire more pirates to fight pirates or even to gain more ground on internet.

Pirates are the ideal soldiers in a world walking to be a virtual one, and one must ask, where do I stand?

You don’t have to be a hacker or in the domain of IT to realize that you do have to protect yourself, your kids and your loved ones. As we protect ourselves walking the streets from strangers who would steal from us or stalk us for information, we might as well begin considering doing the same while surfing the web. We have to know the threats we are dealing with, before knowing and learning to protect ourselves.

Imagine if your kid, or parent, or even you, is hacked on a social media account, or some stranger gains access and control over your computer.

Ask yourself that question, and think: what may he steal?

Maybe all your personal photos?

Even your daily calendar!

Maybe your bank account information.

Or you contacts and emails.

Maybe your camera is breached and someone is monitoring you, or someone does have access to your microphone and can hear every word you say!

It is beginning to terrify you?

Good , because it is terrifying .

But what can I do?

What about getting a kind of "self defense" course?

Here, at Tunisian Cloud, we provide different levels of certificates and workshops all dedicated to spread Cyber security awareness in the ranks of all computer users, from kids to adults, for both professional and non-professional users.

We do our best to reach out to our community, through articles, facts, conferences, workshops, training sessions and many more means, all for one reason: spread awareness.

As always , Tunisian Cloud is your Ideal partner if you are considering certifications or courses in computer security, do not hesitate to contact us , we are on social media like Facebook and linked-in , and our website has a fully detailed calendar and many interesting articles and offers to go through .