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Humans: the weak link in Cyber security

Every system strength is evaluated on that of it’s weakest link, and when talking about information security, one of the most threatened systems with daily attacks and hacks, Human’s are definitely the weakest link in the system.
Nothing can be quiet dangerous to a system - whether it is a bank’s information system that handles millions of accounts and composed of hundreds of computers in tens of agencies, or just a small office containing several units, or even your own [...]

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Pirates, Pirates ! Be Safe, Be Secure !

Growing up watching pirates of the Caribbean was certainly fun, all the piracy, the raiding the stealing, no one wants to miss all that fun. But we grew into a certain age later on, and realized that piracy is over, and the last pirate maybe was hanged a century ago, right?
Maybe old days piracy is really gone, but don't we all say that we "surf the net"?
True, the internet is the wide sea of our modern days, and hackers [...]

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