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Pirates, Pirates ! Be Safe, Be Secure !

Growing up watching pirates of the Caribbean was certainly fun, all the piracy, the raiding the stealing, no one wants to miss all that fun. But we grew into a certain age later on, and realized that piracy is over, and the last pirate maybe was hanged a century ago, right?
Maybe old days piracy is really gone, but don't we all say that we "surf the net"?
True, the internet is the wide sea of our modern days, and hackers [...]

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Etre un Ethical Hacker

Ce fut un temps où le nombre d’ordinateurs au monde ne dépassait pas la dizaine, et où le nombre de programmeurs était aux environs de la centaine.
Ce n’est pas loin dans le temps, cela en fait que 70 ans que ENIAC, le premier ordinateur, fut inventé en 1946 [1].

Pendant ces 70 ans, on n’avait d’internet que jusqu’à la fin des années 60, et son infrastructure n’a pas été conçue sans tenir en compte le piratage et les cyberattaques, choses [...]

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Becoming an Ethical Hacker

There was a time , where the number of computers on earth roughly exceeded 10, and the number of programmers was just around hundred or so. This wasn't long ago , it has just been about 70 years , when ENIAC, the first computer was invented in 1946 [1] (early calculators and the abacus and early inventions that lead to the first computer are not accounted for, and big thanks to Alan Turing who is considered the father of [...]

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